Ever since the dawn of time, humanity has asked what is the purpose of life?
In a world tainted by the corporate elites, it became commonplace for the masses to get lost in the haze of manipulation and mass marketing.

As humanity progressed through the ages, greed set in. Focusing on more rather than less with no reminder that quantity does not always equate to quality. As a result we grow more distant as individuals being left with a feeling of emptiness. There is simple pleasure in execution of a basic task well done.

We are all part of one another, you are not a singular being floating through time and space. Often our collective power is unrecognized and overlooked. You are not alone, we are one. It is time to reunite. To go back to our ORIGIN.
1.5% Liquidity Pool
1.5% Development
2% Marketing

Team and
Project info

As a team that has navigated the crypto space since 2012. We have created and been apart of many successful ventures.

Although the market is in a state the mainstream does not favor, savvy investors know that money is made in a bear market.

As we navigate through the tides those who remain will truly reap the fruits of their labor. Now is the time for beginning, to plant the seed of greatness. This is our ORIGIN.

We believe in a fully decentralized protocol. Our protocol is aimed to be a range of products that focuses on putting the user experience first.

We focus on simple solutions that have complex demands, backed by a sustainable profit model that uses revenue to buyback and burn ORIGIN token - providing stability and growth.

Phase one is the beginning.